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Stephen A. Smith thinks, with Anthony Davis & LeBron James, Lakers are still a contender They have an opportunity due to the fact that Anthony Davis has looked sensational

Davis has actually been a force on both sides of the basketball court the previous few video games. His season averages are now as much as 26.4 points, 12.6 rebounds and 2.1 blocks. The old Anthony Davis is back, and it's exciting to enjoy.

The LA Lakers finally appear like the team that lots of were expecting them to be. Last season was a disappointment, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have actually proven they can bring a group.

Stephen A. Smith, an NBA analyst for ESPN, believes Anthony Davis and the Lakers have an opportunity:

Interestingly enough, Smith didn't have the very same thing to state just a few weeks ago:

He's always been someone to switch up, but it's amusing that these comments are just a few weeks apart.

Are the Los Angeles Lakers title competitors with Anthony Davis?

Los Angeles still has Thomas Bryant and Dennis Schröder, who are lastly getting back into the swing of things. Schröder has shown to be an above-average bench piece, while Bryant has also played well.

A team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis can always be harmful. They have actually already won an NBA title together (in 2020), and lots of think that they're 2 of the very best in NBA history.

Considering he's still one of the finest players in the NBA, LeBron must be a favorable addition back to the team.

The old Anthony Davis is back, and it's amazing to see.

The issue with Los Angeles at the minute is their lack of bench production. Their 3-point shooting isn't great, either, however it has actually enhanced because the first couple of video games of the season.


Anthony Davis will want to continue playing the method he has when LeBron comes back. When LeBron is playing due to how ball-dominant he is, it's not constantly easy to do that. Nevertheless, these 2 have actually currently made it work, and it would make sense if they can continue doing that once again.

Anthony Davis will look to continue playing the method he has when LeBron comes back. It's not always simple to do that when LeBron is playing due to how ball-dominant he is.

LeBron James has missed video games, but is anticipated to return soon. It is difficult to judge the Lakers until he's back. Considering he's still among the best players in the NBA, LeBron must be a favorable addition back to the team.

Let's see what Los Angeles can do. They've looked much better, and that's a favorable step forward for the Lakers.

The LA Lakers (5-11) have been playing far better basketball just recently. However, due to their struggles at the beginning of the season and in 2015 (33-49), it is difficult to say if they're a title contender.


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